Pixel TC-252/DC1 Time-lapse Intervalometer for Nikon D80/D70s +Free CD

  • Pixel TC-252/DC1 Time-lapse Intervalometer for Nikon D80/D70s +Free CD
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Intervalometer & Multi-function Shutter Release Remote


This product is designed to provide a range of advanced remote triggering functions for DSLR cameras. It is ideally suited for use in time-lapse production, using its "timer program" function to automatically trigger the camera at regular set intervals, but can also be used in any of its other 4 modes.

A key benefit of this intervalometer is its interchangeable connection cords, allowing connection with different cameras without needing to purchase a whole new device. Additional cables are available (please see other listings).






Timer program.

1. Set Delay (optional)
This is the amount of time before the program starts - (use to begin the shoot at a set time) - can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes & 59 seconds.
2. Set Exposure Time (optional)
Usually this does not need to be set at all, as DSLRs already have their own setting for shutter speed. However if exposures longer than around 30 seconds are required, most cameras will not be able to achieve this using pre-set shutters speeds. If using these very long exposures, set the camera to "BULB" mode, and enter a value for shutter speed (max 99 hours, 59 minutes & 59 seconds) on the intervalometer.
3. Set Interval Time
This setting is the amount of time between each shot. (max 99 hours, 59 minutes & 59 seconds).
4. Set Number of Shots
The number of shots to take can be set between 1 and 9999, alternatively the "----" setting can be used to take an unlimited number of shots, until stopped by the user.
5. Press the play button to start and stop the shoot.


Other Modes

Mode 1: Standard single shutter release. Press the button half way down to autofocus, and/or fully down to trigger the shutter release. If you do not already have a remote shutter release, this is a highly useful way to take pictures without needing to physically press the button. This avoids camera shake and resultant blurred images.

Mode 2: Continuous shutter release.
This mode works as above, but when the button is held fully down, it takes continuous shots.

Mode 3: Bulb shutter release.
Set your camera and the remote to bulb mode and press the release button on the remote. The shutter will stay open until the button is pressed a second time. The remote's LCD screen will display the time that the shutter has been open for.

Mode 4: Delay.
Use the remote to set a "count down time" (max 59 seconds), and a value for the number of shots to take (max 99). After the count down time has run down to zero, the camera will take the number of shots you have pre-set (approx. one every second). Great for group photos where the photographer can be included in the picture.

Above: An excellent time-lapse showreel example.

Other Features

  • Long battery life, using 2 x AAA batteries (included).
  • Durable, scratch proof casing.
  • Backlight for use in low light situations.
  • Automatic power off mode when inactive.
  • Coiled cord, stops cable getting in the way, but can be made to stretch a long distance if required.

Free software CD

Having spent a long time trying to track down a good piece of free software to compile individual frames into a video file, we have eventually found one that works. With each camera remote sold, a free software CD, including an image frames to video converter, as well as a batch cropping tool will be included.

Image frames to video: Allows output to AVI (including various optional compression codecs), SWF, GIF and many other formats. The user can set the frame rate, as well as the output size of the clip.

Batch cropping tool: A very useful tool. Apply a crop to the first image. The program then automatically applies it to all other selected images in one click.

Please note, both programs are freeware. They are fully functional programs and not demos.





Nikon: D80, D70s.

Other models available - click here for compatibility chart


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