Lanparte FF-02 Pro Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stops & QR for DSLR/Camera Rig

  • Lanparte FF-02 Pro Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stops & QR for DSLR/Camera Rig
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This follow focus unit allows precise control over your cameras focus.  When shooting it provides a much more ergonomic hand position when compared to directly turning the cameras focus ring, and is the best way to achieve smooth and accurate focusing and eliminate unprofessional looking focus transitions and unwanted periods of soft focus. This model is compatible with any industry standard 15mm rail system.

The gear mechanism has absolutely no noticeable backlash or play, meaning that the direction can be changed without facing the problems with fine adjustments that are evident on cheaper models with high levels of backlash.

The follow focus features a moderate level of drag, meaning some resistance is felt when rotating the hand wheel, this results in a more fluid feeling, and makes focus transitions less jerky.

The included industry standard 0.8 module gear can be easily swapped between sides.  This allows positioning of the unit to mesh with the lens gear ring either at the front or the back side of the follow focus.  Different lenses have their focus rings in different positions, so this feature can be very useful.

The unit features a removable dial, which can be used to mark on “witness marks” to record focus distances.  The dial is fitted using a simple magnetic attachment.

The deluxe model has two features that differentiate it over the basic model, firstly, the quick release.  The follow focus can be quickly removed from the rail system, making it easier to change lenses and gear positions or adjust other rig accessories.  Secondly, it features adjustable hard stops.  These can be used to ensure focus is racked between two set points.  Alternatively for those using Canon DSLR lenses with infinitely rotating focus rings,  problems can be encountered when the focusing range is exceeded.  In this case, the focus ring will spin without adjusting the lenses elements, this will lead to the witness marks no longer matching up to their correct focusing distances.  If the hard stops are not required, the stop arm can be simply folded back, and the stops will no longer limit the rotation.

Note: Rails, and camera attachment base plate pictured above sold separately.

The part is machined from lightweight aluminium alloy, using CNC techniques and hard anodised in black to provide a finish which is highly durable, and very resistant to scratching (a far superior durability when compared to cheaper powder coated parts). 

The follow focus will mesh with many lenses without any gear ring at all (pictured above), however to obtain the smoothest possible results, we reccomend the use of a gear ring. This follow focus is supplied with 1 x compatible rubber gear ring which can be wrapped tightly around any lens focus ring, and tightened using the clamping screw, without any chance of slipping off or changing position during operation.  The belts are adjustable to fit any lens diameter up to a maximum 105mm.  Module 0.8 is the size of the gear tooth and is the industry standard that fits the vast majority of follow focus units including the two Lanparte models we sell. 

Unpackaged weight: 500g (approx).

Please view the rest of the store for other compatible 15mm rail accessories.


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