Lanparte BMCC-02 V-Lock Power Rig for Black MagicBMCC Cinema Camera /4k Production Camera

  • Lanparte BMCC-02 V-Lock Power Rig for Black MagicBMCC Cinema Camera /4k Production Camera
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The Lanparte BMCC 02 is a modular rig made from precision-engineered aluminium, specifically designed for the Black Magic Cinema Camera. It offers excellent control and fine-tuning to suit any set-up or shooting scenario. It also comes with the highly rated Lanparte VBP-01 V-Lock battery pinch and Lanparte VB-150 Sony V-mount Li-Ion Battery.


The modular build ensures each section of the rig is of the highest quality and also offers a much more versatile and interchangeable setup. The rig comprises of:

  1. Top handle
  2. 2 x 200mm rods
  3. 1 x Top cheese plate
  4. Side Support Arms
  5. Bottom Cheese plate
  6. Dovetail base plate
  7. 2 x 300mm rods
  8. Dovetail plate
  9. Magic arm MA-02
  10. VBP-01 V-mount battery pinch
  11. DC Power adapter for wall socket
  12. 4 x power cables (5V, 7.4V, 12V, 15V plug ends)
  13. Lanparte VB-150 Sony V-Mount Li-Ion Battery


A top plate and base plate secure to the Black Magic Cinema Camera via threaded screws to lock the camera securely to the rig. These plates are dovetailed and are also plotted with threaded holes for attaching accessories. This hollowed out design not only saves on weight, it also allows airflow from the camera's cooling fan. The support arms are specifically designed for the BMCC camera and will not obstruct any of the signal output ports or REC button.


Because the rigging system uses industry standard parts, it is easy to customize the rig for other cameras. Just replace the support arms and you have another customizable rig for any other cameras you own or for a future upgrade. This makes the BMCC 02 Rig cost effective and future proof.


Two sets of rail rod systems allow for perfect balance of camera and accessories. The 15mm rail rods can be slid and locked into position with ease to find the perfect sweet spot for your setup and act as vital fixtures for accessories such as the supplied MA-02 Magic Arm or a follow focus system or matte-box. The top handle can even slide and lock from side to side to enable perfect balance across the axis of the rig.


The acclaimed Lanparte VBP-01 V-Lock battery pinch comes with the kit and provides a variety of output ports to enable power linkage to your camera and accessories. The pinch has 5V, 7.4V, 12V, 15V, D-tap and USB output ports. It also has 1x HDMI in and 2 x HDMI output ports with a built in HDMI splitter, which means you can use two monitors at the same time! A Charging input port lets you know when the battery is charged via its LED light which changes from red to green when fully charged. The integrated 15mm rod connector makes it possible to easily clamp the VBP-01 to the rail system and conveniently acts as a counterweight for the back of your rig.


The Lanparte VB-150 Sony V-Mount Li-Ion Battery, which is supplied with the kit, features a 5-pin interface, a D-tap port, a power display button, an LCD power level display and a capacity of 150 Wh.



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