Lanparte PK-02 Deluxe DSLR/Camera Rig - Ultimate Bundle Supplied in Travel Case

  • Lanparte PK-02 Deluxe DSLR/Camera Rig - Ultimate Bundle Supplied in Travel Case
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The Lanparte PK-02 is a fully-loaded professional rig which utilises the 15mm rod support system. As Lanparte’s top-of-the-line rig bundle, the PK-02 is designed without compromise, for serious professionals. It's customisable design is suitable for DSLR cameras and larger pro cameras such as the Canon C100, C300 etc. The package can be mounted on tripod, or configured for shoulder and low angle shooting. The PK-02’s feature-rich spec includes an extensive collection of pro-grade accessories including a follow focus with focus whip, carbon fibre matte-box, HDMI 7” Monitor, V-Lock Battery and Power Distribution Pinch, as well as a large C-Arm and an adjustable Base Plate with quick release and Sony VCT-14 tripod mount. 


The Bridge Plate (VMP-01) is a vital component of the rig as it is the contact point between your camera and the rig. It has therefore been exceptionally well engineered for sturdiness, fine adjustment and secure locking. Like all of Lanparte’s modular pieces, it is made from precision CNC aluminium, anodized in black. It clamps on to two 11.8” 15mm rail rods and the base plate is height adjustable via a fine adjustment knob, to lower or raise the camera lens in order to meet the level of the matte-box or follow focus. It also features a quick release plate for easy mounting or removal of your camera, and a safety lock prevents any chance of the camera fatally coming away from the rig! The base plate is threaded in order to mount the rig to a tripod but also features a special mount on the underside to attach to a Sony VCT-14 plate (NOT INCLUDED) for a sturdier quick releasing option.

The C-Arm (CA-02) clamps to the lower rail rods to give you a sturdy bracket in which to add your Top Handle and 7.9” rail-rods. The Top-Handle (TH-01) enables low angle handling of the rig and the two extra rod lengths can be used to clamp extra accessories should you need to. The C-Arm has two brackets which clamp onto the lower rail rods for extra stability - vital when using larger cameras and telephoto lens. The upper component of the C-Arm can be slid left or right along the rail rods and clamped into position - this feature is important as the upper C-Arm accommodates the Top Handle and therefore needs to be altered in order to find the correct balance point of the rig. A dedicated horizontal weight balance adjustment screw at the top of the arm helps to ensure the camera is perfectly level and also a convenient shoe-mount allows for greater scope of accessories such as LED panels or shotgun mics to mount to the rig.

For shoulder mounted configuration, the Adjustable Dual Handle Grip (UG-02) can be quickly clamped to the rail rods due to its quick release clamp mechanism. The handles themselves can be adjusted at 3 axis-points to attain precise configuration of angle and height. The locking joints of the handles are toothed in ‘arri rosette’ style, and clamp together extremely tightly to avoid any unwanted slippage.

The Shoulder Support (SS-01) attaches to the rail rods via a Height Riser Clamp (HRC-01). Not only does the Shoulder Support provide an ergonomic point of contact between the rig and your shoulder, but it also provides a surface to mount the supplied V-Mount Battery Pinch and a V-Mount L-ion Battery , which in-turn serves as a great counter-balance weight for the rig.

The V-Mount Battery Pinch (VBP-01) has multiple DC power outlets of 5V, 7.2V, 12V, and 15V to supply power to a variety of accessories simultaneously. An included AC power adapter enables connection to AC power, which will also charge any compatible batteries that connect to a V-Lock Mount. The battery pinch also features an HDMI splitter, which splits an HDMI signal to two HDMI outputs. This is useful for using an external hdmi recorder or sending a signal to a director’s monitor while running the on-rig monitor.

Lanparte have included their highly acclaimed AB Hard Stop Follow Focus (FF-02) which offers an incredibly smooth operation and absolutely no noticeable backlash or play. It features adjustable hard stops which can be used to ensure focus is racked between two set points.The Follow Focus attaches to two 15mm rail rods via a handy quick release and also comes with a Focus Gear Ring (GR-02) to ensure the follow focus meshes with the lens perfectly.

A Long Follow Focus Whip (FW-02) allows remote control of the follow focus in order to pull focus in a more convenient position either for the camera operator or for the assistant. It fits into the industry standard ‘arri’ style accessory port of the included follow focus.

The kit includes a VB-150 150 watt hour professional V-Lock battery to keep things powered.

Another excellent feature of the PK-02 rig system is the large Carbon Fibre Matte Box (MB-02). It comes with ‘french flag’ and two adjustable side wings, two filter trays for 4x4 filters and 4x5.65 filters (including one rotatable tray - ideal for polarising filters) and a sturdy swing away mechanism which locks away at 90° for fast and easy lens changeovers! Another excellent feature of this Matte Box is that it is both height and distance adjustable. Just one screw enables quick fine adjustments, once again making lens or camera changeovers a breeze.

A tele-lens support (TS-02) helps spread the load of your long lenses, and ensures that the lens is completely steady. It’s easy to adjust the height via an adjustment screw so that it supports any lens perfectly. A rubber lens support band also helps to keep the lens perfectly in place. The tele lens support can be added or removed easily from 15mm rail rods thanks to its handy quick release mechanism.

The 7” HDMI Monitor (LLP 5D2 P) provides a sharp1024x600 feed of your camera’s display screen when connected via the supplied HDMI cable. It has a useful focus peaking feature and a ‘5d MkII mode’ which is optimised for the ever-popular camera. With Component, Composite, and HDMI inputs this Monitor is compatible with almost any video camera. It has an HDMI output and also a 3.5mm headphone jack socket for monitoring audio - as well as a built in speaker! The monitor accepts DC power directly from the previously mentioned V-Mount Battery (connected via supplied DC connector cable). It also comes with an AC adapter for powering from a wall plug, or it can be powered by batteries (NOT INCLUDED) directly to the monitor’s NP-F type battery plate.

The Magic Arm (MA-01) can extend up to 260mm and will support the monitor or any other accessory with a 1/4" screw thread. With a central locking knob that locks all three articulation points firmly, this Magic Arm won’t let you down and will keep your professional accessories exactly where you intend them to be. This is a heavy duty magic arm!

The entire rig system can be stored safely and securely in the Lanparte ABS Safety Case (ASC-01). Its custom cut foam inner keeps every component organised and in the same place. It features a pair of wheels and an extendable pull bar for easy transportation, as well as a top handle and two side handles for carrying.

Lastly, the PK-02 rig package comes with an LP-E6 Dummy Battery (E6-P01) suitable for 5d Mk II, 7D etc and all necessary interconnect cables, which are as follows:

  • Camera HDMI Cable (HDMI-65)
  • HDMI Cable (HDMI-90)
  • HDMI Cable (HDMI-150)
  • 4 Yellow tipped coiled DC Cables (5.5/2.1mm)
  • 1 x Red-tipped DC Cable (3.5/1.35mm) for VBP-01 Battery Pinch

Comparison with the PK-02 Bundle:

The PK-02 has many similar components to the PK-01 but Lanparte have made a few excellent revisions which are as follows:


  • BP-02B bridge plate upgraded to VMP-01.
  • Height adjustment set via a fine adjustment knob, rather than locking screws, making setting the height less fiddly once the camera and accessories are fitted.
  • Special mount on the underside to attach to a Sony VCT-14 plate (SOLD SEPARATELY). These plates are great for providing a rock solid mount onto a tripod, but they can also be snapped off the tripod very rapidly, to go straight back to shoulder mounted filming.
  • MB-01 Matte Box bridge plate upgraded to MB-02
  • Larger than the standard MB-01 model, and is constructed from ultra-tough, lightweight carbon fibre.
  • Height and distance adjustable. This means that it is simpler to make the height of the box meet the lens
  • Rotatable filter holders accept 4” x 5.65” and standard 4” x 4” filters.
  • CA-01 C-Arm bridge plate upgraded to CA-02 C-Arm
  • Left/Right weight balance adjustment screw at the top of the arm, so you can ensure your camera is perfectly level, even if the weight is unevenly balanced.
  • Clamping collars allow the front/back weight balance to be quickly shifted without completely re-configuring the rig.

The PK-02 also includes:

  • TS-02 Tele-Lens Support
  • FW-01 Focus Whip



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