Free Bespoke Rig Consultation

Please give us a call or email so that we can help build a rig suited to you. Where possible, please let us know the answers to the following questions so we can configure your rig specifically to your requirements.

Which camera(s) are you intending to use with the rig as some larger camcorders may require a rig to be set up slightly differently to smaller DSLRs for example? Also, please inform us if you’ll be using any particularly large or specialist lenses.


Will your rig need to be configured for tripod use only, for shoulder mounting and/or to be held via a top handle for low shots etc?


Which components do you wish to add to the rig? For example, a Matte Box, Follow Focus, or a Power Distribution System?


Are there any accessories such as Microphones, Sound Recorders, Monitors or Lights you require on the rig? 


Which considerations are most important to you when configuring your rig? Eg. Cost, Weight, Expandability, Transport etc? Please let us know I you have any additional requirements or queries.