Aputure Light Storm LS1/2w Daylight DMX LED Video/Photo V-Lock Panel High 98 CRI

  • Aputure Light Storm LS1/2w Daylight DMX LED Video/Photo V-Lock Panel High 98 CRI
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The Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w is a compact LED half-panel light. It outputs 5500K daylight balanced light thanks to 264 SMD LED bulbs. It also features an innovative separate programmable control box and remote control with professional features such as channel selections, DMX control and LCD display. Its professional build quality and portable design are backed up by its impressive colour rendition credentials - scoring an astonishing 98 CRI.

The 1/2w can throw a very wide beam of 120°. The wider beam angle (most panel lights have 75° throw) gives a softer, more flattering diffusion of light. The panel light is built using SMD (surface mount) LED bulbs. Compared to other LED types these SMD bulbs have a longer life, lower brightness decay and wider light angle.

The light panel is built from aircraft grade aluminium, and due to the fact the controls are not situated on the back of the panel like most conventional light-panels, the LS 1/2w has a large passive heatsink, which avoids the need for noisy and power hungry cooling fans. The panel is also just 22mm deep and measures only 361mm x 218mm, yet can emit an impressive 1100 lux (TV studio lighting is typically 1000+ lux). With a CRI score of 98, this light will give your video excellent colour rendition at all power levels, providing natural looking scenes and avoiding the need for painful and time-consuming colour correction in post.

Aputure have separated the controls away from the light panel with their unique design, which offers a number of advantages over conventional all-in-one set-ups. First of all, the weight is shifted downwards, away from the top of the light, meaning the control box effectively works as a sand-bag, lowering the centre of gravity which stops the light being top heavy and also makes fine adjustments of the light panel angle much easier.

Secondly, the controls are easy to get to, which is particularly relevant when working in tight spaces or when you have the light panel situated high up.

The direction of the light can be adjusted simply and securely thanks to the metal u-shaped yoke bracket, and can even be mounted horizontally onto a light stand spigot for unobstructed lighting at 90°.

The Control box incorporates a V-Lock battery plate for using the lights on location. The control box can also be powered from the mains via the supplied AC power adapter, for indoor studio situations. A 'LEMO'-style connector is used between the controller box and light fixture for convenient, one-handed installation and removal of the included connection cable. info

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